Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Deceptive and Delicious

So, the cookies - AMAZING! Dreena's cookies were incredibly quick and easy, too. I still haven't told my fiance about their animal-loving selves! He ate four when I pulled them out of the oven. They lasted less than one day and I only had two! Thus, I think it's safe to say the meat-eater loves them. I'm so deceptive (in a good way)!

A note on Sunday's dinner: Although it was delicious, the sodium did make me feel bloated. A good reminder for myself why I like real food.

Last night, we both didn't get home till late, so we had quick dinners. He had some baked chicken and I just made myself a big salad with what I found in the refrigerator, including beans, grapes, celery, and tomato. The tomato wasn't quite as delicious as I was expecting. It was just one I picked up at the regular grocery store (non-organic). I can't believe how big it was, too. It's crazy to think that the small, organic tomatoes are so much more flavorful by just growing it the old fashion way. Oh well. I also put a little Annie's Woodstock dressing on it. Yum!

For breakfast, I made my rolled oats with half almond milk and half water. I chopped up a banana in it, which I learned from Kath's Blog. I love how sweet the banana makes the oats. I don't even need additional sweetener. Also, yesterday I made my oats with just water and I was hungrier all day. When I put in almond milk or hemp milk, my hungry is so much more in control. Almost every morning, the meat-eater has two eggs and bacon that I cook in "his" non-stick pan. Don't be jealous, but his cholesterol and blood pressure is amazing. Must be all the exercise he does and the extra veggies I make him eat!

So on the pictures, my food portions look incredibly small. Any tips anyone? I don't want anyone to think that I'm not eating much, because I eat a lot!

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